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Tue, Jun 22 2021 - Jewell Pass - Prairie View - Barrier Lake Lookout (View Original Event Details)

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Write Up:
It was a sunny and hot day in the hills but a breeze from Barrier Lake and big shady trees provided some relief from the heat. Since my last visit to the area, changes have been made and for the better. Additional parking lot has been added, so there was ample parking available. Picnic tables for visiting hikers have been built around the lookout. The trail at Jewell Falls has been rerouted. Now it touches the base of the falls, follows it up on the left side and crosses the top of the falls on an expensive, impressive bridge. The trails were in good condition and moderately busy. After three hours of plodding, some people had enough of the heat and exertion, so they decided not to go to the lookout and had lunch break lower down. Most of the group continued to the fire lookout where we had lunch. The two groups re-joined to descend the cliffy section to the fire road as we were making a loop. At this point one person had gone missing. The person was last seen taking pictures at the top of the cliffs. Upon return to the parking lot the group decided to follow the proper protocol As a co-ordinator I went to the visitor centre and filed a missing person report over the phone with the Kananaskis Emergency Services, including the missing personís licence plate and cell phone number. Shortly thereafter the person was located by cell phone and came to the visitor centre in good condition. Apparently, while taking pictures the person got separated from the group and not familiar with the area decided to return back the same way we came up. This added extra 4 km to their trip, for a total of 20 km, hence the delay in their returning. Peter Minarik

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