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Sat, Jul 21 2018 - Galeatea to Rummel Pass (View Original Event Details)

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Write Up:
We left Calgary at 8am. We started hike at the galatea trailhead at 9:15am. The team was fairly fast up to the junction to lost lake. Once pass the junction the team slowed down drastically. There was heavy deadfall for the first one km pass the junction. This deadfall was everywhere and we had to go into the underbrush every hundred feet to get around a tree or something else. There was also route finding on this portion because of the deadfall and the zero maintenance and very few people on this trail. I flagged the trail with red flagging tape to make the return trip easier. We didn't see anybody on this portion of the trail during on our trip. This portion followed the creek fairly closely which meant heavier vegetation. Once pass this portion, the trail opened up a bit, the deadfall became less and the trail became more distinct and we made better time. As we got close to Lost Lake, the trail all but disappeared and despite my GPS track we could not find the trail. We followed what sort of looked like a trail into Lost Lake and we eventually got to Lost Lake. The lake was fair size and shallow. I suspect that later on in the season it may dry up. By then it was 12:36pm so we had lunch at Lost Lake. After lunch at 1:03pm over half the group went back but the remainder carried on. However the trail did not exist at the lake and we off trailed it until we reached a waterfall surrounded by a cliff. The proper trail up this cliff is to the left side beside the waterfall. We did not know this on the way up and we scaled a rather steep cliff to the right of the waterfall to get on top of this cliff. Once on top of this cliff the trail became distinct again for a bit. We followed this trail until we cleared the tree line and we started climbing up to rummel pass. The path up to rummel pass only exist part way up. The pass is just an open scree field with big rocks in it. The path is very steep much like buller pass. We made it to within (140m+.75km) of the pass. It does look like the path gets maybe a bit steeper beyond where we stop. We stopped here and turned around because one of the members had to be back in town by 6pm for a football game. The times getting to lost lake is on the slow side since we had some slow members and we were constantly stopping. It took up almost 3.5hrs to make it to lost lake where all the slow hikers turned back. From the lake it took us 1h10m to reach our turn around point. We estimated that it would take us another 15mins to reach the pass. From our turn around point it took us 15m to get back down the steep slope and back into the trees. From there it took us another 1hr45m to get back to the parking lot. This is in contrast to the 3.5hrs it took us just to get to the lake in the morning. This is a very interesting hike but due to the heavy amount of deadfall near the junction and the need to route find due to lack of a trail at spots it is not a trip I would recommend to anybody except advanced hikers otherwise you will not make the pass and may not even get to lost lake due to people turning back. Also even with a GPS track you will still lose the trail because the trail does not exist in many spots and you will be in underbrush. Our culmulative elevation and distance from the parking lot to our turnaround point half way up the open scree slope just before rummel pass and back to the parking lot was 937m and 21.7km. If anybody was considering doing this trip again, I would probally do it as a traverse from engadine to rummel lake to galatea so as to minimize the amount of deadfall. However a word of caution is that if you did this, by the time you get to the deadfall you would be very tired and you have no option except to carry on.

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